How You Can Save On Brochures and Pamphlet Printing

Published: 15th May 2009
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Had enough of expensive pamphlet and brochure printing services? Well, you are not the only one. Many find the cost of printing flyers and such materials sucking all the profits from what were supposed to be promising ad campaign businesses. But do not close up shop yet. There are ways to beat the printing financial crunch and stay in business.

Print Pamphlets and Brochures On A Budget

Low-cost pamphlet and brochure printing deals do exist. Saving big time on the next flyer or brochure orders is possible. Options abound when it comes to the challenge of keeping expenses at manageable levels. Those working with extremely limited funds will likely find the tips listed below helpful.

• Go for low - A neat trick to save money on affordable brochure printing is to stick with providers offering as well as advertising prices that are already reduced or low from the beginning. For instance, some companies provide full-color brochures that start at around $38 for a set of about 500.

However, keep in mind that cheaper seldom means better. Choose firms capable of providing high-quality printing at low prices.

• With fold or without? - In general, more complex folds make for steeper prices. Majority of printers charge customers more for each fold added, but not all companies operate this way. Some charge minimal amounts for extra folds. There is money to be saved in opting for flat-type brochures.

• Purchase in bulk - As with most stuff, the more items bought, the lower the cost. For really low-cost pamphlet and brochure printing services, try ordering in bulk.

• Decide on sizes -Standard-size printing usually comes out cheaper, but some printing companies do offer custom printing sizes for a variety of products that are fairly affordable and do not cost too much compared to standard-size printing.

• Use Internet discount codes - These codes can be utilized to obtain money-off Net purchases much like regular paper-form vouchers that are cashed in or redeemed in high-street stores and supermarkets. Printing For Less and Overnight Prints offer coupons that can help you save big bucks on printing brochures and pamphlets.

• Limit the use of color - Most printers will recommend limiting the color use to drive down brochure printing cost.

• Use minimal text - Today's customers just scan for the basic info. Utilize bolded headings in a pamphlet so customers are able to skim fast for the most significant info. Avoid bogging down a pamphlet with too much data and try including related images that give customers a clearer idea of your pamphlet's message.

• Outsource the printing job - To print pamphlets or brochures online, find the right keyword on a search engine and start looking for online printing providers offering color printing services and design advice. After obtaining your desired results, go to the print firm's site and go over their printing and design process. The brochures, flyers or pamphlets should be delivered to you in no time.

• Work with independent professionals - Unless you are certain they have got the right print equipment for your particular project, skip the local printer producing your other print products - stationery and business cards. It is better to work with experts capable of locating the appropriate equipment for producing your particular printing project at the lowest possible cost.

The business of printing brochures and pamphlets does not have to get financially out of control. It helps to comparison-shop and do further research to wind up with a good-quality, affordable printing service, and give your profits a boost in the process. Ask around and search the Internet for more tips on how you can go about saving more money in the area of brochure and pamphlet printing.

During these tough times, you need to be able to save on your marketing printing needs. So for brochure printing savings and other pamphlet printing discounts, check out the merchants featured at

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